Camp has Begun!
Posted on June 17th, 2013

The day finally arrived to start camp! I had a house full of boys which brought much joy to this mother of 3 girls! There was lots of energy and much talk of Mindcraft (sorry for the spelling). The time flew by but hands were busy. We focused our time learning that everything we draw is created from a few, very simple elements. We started the morning with a game using Picasso's abstract look at the world. It made a nice transition into creating many abstract drawings with duplicating, matching and creating mirror images. Tomorrow it will be interesting using those same elements with subjects that are recognizable to the kids. The goal is to see that even what we think is complicated, really is just these same elements turned different ways. Ultimately, we see that nothing is too hard to draw but some things will take a little longer than others as we train ourselves to draw what we see and not what we "know." 

I also want the kids to realize that our drawings don't have to be an exact replica of what we are looking at. My goal is for the kids to see the beauty and creativity in how they represent the model, still life, or scene with the hands and mind that God uniquely gave them. Drawing realistically is achievable but it comes with practice and, sometimes, many "do-overs." 

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